The fine interplay of the mattress and slatted frame

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Frequently, the question arises as to whether the old slatted frame cannot simply be reused. Finally, the bulky frame visually does not come to fruition and reveals its real function only at second glance. Whether to spend money for it? However, the benefits of a mattress are obvious to the user. It should be soft and adaptable, but also relieve the body and ensure overall a comfortable sleep. However, this can only be done to perfection if the pressure transmission and a certain fine-tuning from below are guaranteed.

Bed slats

If you are investing in a new mattress, you should always make sure that the surface is suitably level. Because only the right combination of mattress and slatted frame results in an optimal sleeping situation. Modern rust gives the lying surface namely the decisive stability. He intervenes from below in the various zones of the mattress and basically cooperates with them.

This is especially important for the long life of the edition and increases the comfort extremely. Because not infrequently change sleeping habits. For example, while spending the summer months lying on your back under light bedding, you might want to be able to crawl straight into the mattress during the dark months of the year. Also during pregnancy, by the nocturnal visit of the offspring in bed or a longer stay in the bedroom during disease, the requirements for the underground change temporarily. These very different possibilities of use can be adjusted variably and again and again with a suitable slatted frame.

More comfort with the right accessories

Our bed frame, slatted frame and mattress matched, you can think about a matching mattress pad. A textile overlay is interesting if another utility value is to be added. You can choose from classic mattress toppers, hygienic mattress protectors and the popular toppers, which are now not only used in box spring systems but are also used for ordinary sleeping systems. Looking for mattress sales, do not miss to visit our site.


Toppers come from the Americas and were originally developed as part of a box spring bed. A topper is generally on top of the mattress. Ideally, it connects two adjacent mattresses and creates a continuous sleeping area. Above all, toppers ensure luxurious sleeping comfort at night.